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In palmistry, Ring sign on palm are very rare and also they are not even consider very auspicious. According to the palmists Ring sign traits also depends upon where they are located.

Here are a few common interpretations:

RING ON JUPITER MOUNT- The structure of Ring of Jupiter denotes that the person having the ring of Jupiter is generally found to be quite sober and generous. But such persons are found to be highly ambitious.

RING ON SATURN MOUNT - Individuals with the ring of Saturn are found to have legal issues in their life.

RING OF SUN - Individuals with the ring of Sun are found to have issues with the reputation in the society.

RING OF MERCURY MOUNT - A ring sign present on the mount of Mercury indicates great success in business.

RING OF VENUS MOUNT - The ring of Venus denotes weaknesses in a human mind and a weak nervous system.

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