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Mars Lines and their Significance

Updated: May 10, 2023

In palmistry, the Mars line is also known as the "Passion Line" or "Marriage Line." It is a line that is believed to indicate aspects of a person's romantic relationships and marriage.

The Mars line typically starts at the base of the palm and extends horizontally across the palm. Its position, length, and other characteristics are said to provide insights into a person's love life, relationships, and potential for marriage. Different palmists may interpret the Mars line differently, so there is no universally agreed-upon meaning for specific markings or features.

Running close and parallel to Life Line

Running close and parallel to the Line of Life on the Lower Mount of Mars and the Mount

of Venus .It corrects many of the breaks and defects in the Line of Life.

Sister of Mars Line

Other sister lines running parallel to this Line inside the Mount of Venus . Influence of other people over the life of the subject.

Termination with a fork

Terminating in a fork, one prong of which enters the Mouth of Moon Super abundance of the animal nature - intemperance of the kind.

Fork is ending with a Star

Terminating in a fork, one prong of which enters the Mount of Moon and ends in a star

Alcoholic intemperan.

Deep Mars Line

If the Line is too deep or broad with red colouring a sign of great heat, violence and sexual passions.

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