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Common Queries

How astrology works?

Astrology is analysis of planets energies and how they affect us all at an individual level. We all are made up of stardust and thus planets directly affects  our life. Astrology helps to identify in which area of life you need more energy in order to blossom.


About us

The best platform for astrology

We are  New Delhi based astrological organisation. We believe in accuracy and quality. We have guided over 40,000+ people and provided them with consultation sessions. We have grown to a community of around 50,000 over Instagram.
We specialise in Kundali and palmistry and are serving since 2017 over online platforms with an experience of more than 20 years. We can proudly say that we have gain the best reviews for astrological services

Icanpredict Testimonials


I came across "icanpredict" when i was in a very confused state. Very amazingly sir told whats happening in my life and cleared all my doubts. Thankyou so much sir. Will start remedies soon and share its effects too.

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